Stay or Go?

Teaching sucks sometimes, but it shouldn’t suck all the time.

 A friend of mine has got herself in a bit of a pickle. What seemed like a wonderful opportunity to teach overseas turned into some kind of a nightmare. The behavior coming from the students is outrageous and the administration appears unwilling to do anything about it. What would I do?

 There’s a couple of pieces of philosophy or at least the way I think about the world  and how I  analyze what I want to do or what I’m doing and if it’s satisfying the five basic elements of well-being. Those elements are positive feelings. Engagement therwise Known is Flow. Positive relationships. A sense of achievement. And finally a sense of purpose. So in a situation like that I ask myself: am I having fun; am I making any progress and will I have any sense of achievement. Am I making the world a better place by my tolerating this situation. Only the person in that situation can make the final judgement.

 There’s another aspect of decision making for me when to stay when to leave whether it’s a relationship or a job. And it has to do with intuition. It’s much deeper than just surface feeling. There were years where I taught where I was miserable but I intuitively knew I needed to stay and figure out how to make it right, What I needed to change to become a better teacher. In the end I ended up teaching 27 years.  The first few years we’re pretty rough. I and the situation got better and better over time. I had some tough students but for the most part I had excellent support from the administration which made life tolerable if not downright enjoyable. Students were taken out of my class if they proved to be repetitive behavior problems.

 Back to the intuition thing because of my belief system I believe we can access a deeper knowing if we truly listen so what’s going on inside our head or you might say, inside our hearts. Does this activity truly make me happy. Is this good for my well-being and health. I’ve tolerated some miserable jobs because I knew they were temporary. But I can only take so much misery. So much damage to my mental and physical well-being. I’ve had jobs where I lasted three days. Or a month.

 It’s a big world and there are plenty of opportunities. I don’t believe any of us need to stay in a painful unproductive emotionally abusive situation for any length of time. unless of course there’s absolutely no way out. 

So I wouldn’t tell another person what to do but I know what I would do. I would jump ship. Count my blessings. Chalk it up as a learning experience. And find something better.

Gardening Class.

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