Drum Beat

rt n dd after kayaking June 2016Facebook is a funny thing. I suspect most of us are lurkers. I do my share of lurking when not in the mood to say anything. Yes, that does happen. Oftentimes though, I feel compelled to share something important. It might be:
  • a special photo with my grandchildren or Danielle Darter.
  • some general tidbit of fun, like hiking with a friend.
  • political
  • oriented towards personal growth.
Here is the observation. Cute pictures get lots of likes…so I know lots of folks see it. Fun tidbits may get 22+ likes. Political may get 8-12 likes. Personal growth. Hardly any.
with aine
I’m not invested in getting likes but I think it is interesting. I wonder if when it comes to politics, fewer people like or comment. I wonder if people don’t want to be exposed, or fear confrontation, haven’t formed an opinion or is it just apathy?
As for the personal growth stuff? Very few if any at all likes or comments. Curious and curiouser. I wonder if my attempt to toss out a few seeds is beneficial to anyone. I don’t need it to be. I’m just satisfying my need to express and create, and think and ponder and put it down. If anyone benefits, great.
If no one else benefits, fine too. It does make me wonder. Maybe I’m in the minority of folks that consider personal growth valuable? As for others? Not interested? Is it apathy? Ain’t got time? Too big and scary to explore that stuff. Maybe it’s just too highfalutin. Maybe people are concerned might stir up something? Rock the proverbial boat inside your head or your relationships? Your life?
perma 0 likes
I like exploring the thoughtful and sometimes radical side. I like rocking the boat with provocative ideas. That’s why the closest friends I have rock boats. They step away from normal and what is expected and do their own thing. They are willing to venture into the wilderness. Alone, so it seems. I consider it just a meet up of those that dance to the beat of different drums.
And yes, some say I think too much. I believe I think just the right about for me.I don’t work at it. it is just the way I am. And I like it.