Just the facts please.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook.  I couldn’t agree more.  I don’t understand the refusal to deal with reality from the far or alt-right. What will it take?

trump mocks disabled

“Some easily verified FACTS about Donald Trump.

1.Trump has been accused by over 40 women of sexual misconduct. He bragged on record of walking into the dressing rooms of beauty pageants and seeing naked girls. Laughed about it on Howard Stern’s show. Would you be okay with him walking in on your daughters when they were teenagers?

2. Trump is a white nationalist. Stephen Miller, a top White House aide, is a widely known white nationalist. He is so extreme that his uncle, a Jewish professor, wrote a scathing expose of him and his racist beliefs and writings. Trump defended the neo Nazis who participated in the Virginia rally as “very fine people.”

3. Trump was sanctioned for not renting to blacks, even if they had money and references. Trump and his father settled a DOJ lawsuit to avoid trial.

4. Trump lost more money in 10 years than anyone in America’s history. Over a billion dollars. He is not a good businessman.

5. Declared bankruptcy on casinos. Yes, casinos! Multiple times.

6. Lies constantly. Running Talley is now over 13,000.

7. Betrayed the Kurds. Left 50 nuclear warheads in a base in Turkey that was hastily abandoned in October of 2019 during the disorderly evacuation of troops. Trump made the decision by himself, ignoring all the advice of generals. ISIS members who were jailed have been freed, way over 1000. These people will restart the movement. Congress voted on October 16, 2019 to decry his actions, with many Republicans joining the House Democrats in protest.

8. Turned his back on our NATO allies, preferring authoritarian leaders to democratic leaders. Got played by Russia, North Korea, Turkey.

9. Was laughed at openly at the UN.

10. Violated emoluments clause against enriching himself while in office, ignoring The Constitution. Lawsuit against him is proceeding.

11. Massive nepotism and kids profiting off office. See above.

12. Gave nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia. Wants them to build our smart bombs. Let Saudi Arabia get away with the murder of Jamal Khoshoggi, who was chopped up while while he was still alive. It was recorded by his iPhone, and Turkey intelligence has the whole murder on tape. Saudi Arabia financed 9/11, and 15 of the terrorists were Saudi nationals.

13. The Trump Organization hired many undocumented workers at his resorts while jailing other undocumented workers. Those workers, some of whom directly interacted with Trump as cooks and personal housekeepers, said he was aware they were undocumented workers.

14. Trump has over 3500 pending lawsuits, which are on hold while he is president, due to non payment of contractors on his properties. Yes, he stiffed painters, electricians, plumbers, gardeners, suppliers, etc.

15. Put our foreign agents at risk by sharing classified information. Our highest agent in Russia had to be extracted due to his indiscretion.

16. Trump used a loan to himself of $50 million to illegally avoid taxes. Under investigation now by the state of New York. He also illegally avoided taxes on his inheritance of over 450 million dollars. This was a huge investigation and the state of New York has said they will press charges after he leaves office.

17. Stole money that was raised for children with cancer and used it through his charity to pay for legal expenses and portraits of himself. His foundation was shut down by the state of New York, and he and his oldest 3 children are barred forever in New York from having anything to do with a charity. He STOLE money from children with cancer!

18. His attorney, Michael Cohen, paid on his behalf $130,000 to Stormy Daniels to keep his adultery quiet. Then he paid Michael Cohen back almost 400,000, out of Trump Organization Funds and wrote it off on his taxes as a business expense. Many checks he signed himself after becoming president.

19. Has cheated on all his wives. All three of them. Family values, I guess. The evangelicals flipped out over Bill Clinton’s sexual infidelity, but gives Trump a pass. It’s mind boggling!

20. Throws everyone who leaves his employ under the bus. Blame, blame, blame. Never takes responsibility. Calls them names when they are gone. All this after bragging about only hiring the best. Today he is going after General Mattis, because he criticized his actions in Syria and the abandonment of our Kurdish allies.

21. Withheld money that Congress appropriated to help Ukraine arm and defend itself until they gave him dirt on Hunter Biden. Rudy Giuliani and friends are in a coverup to their eyeballs. 4 of Rudy Giuliani’s foreign employers have been arrested trying to flee the country. Rudy Giuliani is not registered as a foreign agent! Just like Mike Flynn.

22. Mocked gold star family. Has cut many programs for veterans. Claimed he had bone spurs 5 times to avoid the draft.
Trump is deporting veterans who were promised citizenship in return for military service, breaking a solemn agreement to those who served our country in good faith.

23. Instructed people to ignore Congressional subpoenas. This is illegal under The Constitution. No one bars people who can exonerate them, do they?

24. Had close ties to Jeff Epstein, the sex trafficking multi millionaire. Trump was accused by Kate Johnson of rape at an Epstein party when she was 14. Brought a lawsuit, but was dropped due to death threats to her family. You can read the deposition online, and see the original court stamps on the documents.

His labor secretary, Acosta, was the DA who illegally gave Epstein the sweetheart deal in the lawsuit brought by many women. The settlement let Epstein leave the jail during the day, and during his sentence, was having sex on an almost daily basis with young teenagers. Yes, girls, recruited by his circle of enablers. The deal Acosta made with Epstein was illegal under the federal code. Acosta resigned, but why is he not in jail for aiding a pedophile?

25. Attorney General William Barr’s father gave Jeff Epstein a teaching job at the prestigious Dalton School where was headmaster. Jeff Epstein did not have the required college degree. Epstein kept volumes of records, that the DOJ confiscated from his properties. My bet is that they will never see the light of day. Turns out Epstein was never a money manager, but ran a sex trafficking ring. Epstein snared many in his trap, including Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Trump, and more. The records Jeff Epstein kept should see daylight, but my bet is they have already been destroyed. Who knows, Bill Barr is in charge, as he was over the jail where Jeff Epstein supposedly committed suicide. Attorney General Bill Barr, whose father gave Epstein his first job, is sitting on the records. Why?

26. Bill Barr lied to the American People. Have YOU read The Mueller Report. Very damning. Over 1000 former federal prosecutors have said they would take an obstruction of justice case to trial based on just that document alone.

There is much more. I can give you research on all this. Or you can start paying attention. Our Republic is at stake.”

27.  Oh, nepotism?

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