Laugh ’til you cry.

Do you like football? Especially high school and college football?   A home run by the underdog team? If so, then you have the type of personality that would love to be sitting in the Rose Center to watch a hysterical David and Goliath, sweet love story, complete with mystery, and happy ending and lots to talk about on the drive home otherwise known as “Adam’s Eve.”

What’s so special about live community theater? Besides a wonderful story, you see your neighbors and friends, or names you’ve seen before but didn’t yet befriend, risk being criticized, or even failure.  Just so you can enjoy a couple of hours and forget the day’s problems. And much like college football, you are not watching professionals. You are watching amateurs, digging deep in themselves to transform and present a character, knowing there exists the possibility of criticism, and maybe even failure.  


Actors know that living a full life, both on a personal and professional level involves risk.  It involves winning and losing. It means being on a team, with a higher purpose other than one’s own personal happiness.  It means contributing to the happiness of every person in the audience and every person involved in the show that is depending on each actor giving it all they got.

If you want entertainment, then come see the show.  You will love it. And if you want to see your neighbors giving their all,  then come see these brave people, who demonstrate courage, hard work and talent.  For whatever reason, please go see Adam’s Eve, starting this weekend at the Rose Center.

Read more about the play here.


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