New Tradition Time

Image may contain: fruit and foodIs it time for a new Thanksgiving tradition?  I don’t mean food. I’m talking family activities, like watching football, shopping on Black Friday, board games games in the parlor. And what is a parlor anyway?  

Here’s one idea that will make the whole family laugh, and give them something to talk about. Take in a show put on by your local community theatre.  In this particular case, I’m suggesting The Theatre Guild’s “Adam’s Eve”.  No, it is not a rehash of the story of the first human beings and the first ever recorded lover’s quarrel, but a more updated version.

Without telling you too much, Adam, an avid sports enthusiast, opens his closet and is shocked to find a beautiful woman, claiming to be the second Eve, sent to tip the balance of the world to the good.  But can she convince Adam, his mother, aunt, and his goofy best friend Mark? Maybe, but the bigger challenge will be convincing Adam’s girlfriend Marla, and her co-worker, Dr. Griffin, both psychiatrists?

Like many of our favorite movies the family watches, Adam’s Eve will bring you lots of laughter but also inspire you.

If you need more convincing, the bottom line is this.  It will be good wholesome fun for everyone. And you know how difficult it is to find that these days.  In addition, you will support the arts and the creative endeavors of your friends. You might even want to try out some day. I promise, you won’t be disappointed,Guaranteed.

Show dates are November 16, 17, 18, 23, & 24 at Rose Center’s Prater Hall.  Consider becoming a sponsor too. For details, visit



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