Reaching out for support

march 2011While I’m making progress, I suspect there are others out there that are looking for support too.  Not finding one easily, I posted this on Facebook, and the feedback has been very positive, with at least a dozen folks interested.  I’ll have to wait until this play I’m in is over but looking forward to creating this support group. Fourteen people have responded with interest in just a couple of days.

From Facebook:  Not optimistic that I’ll find what I’m looking for and might have to form a group. I’m looking for a place that offers support for healthy eating and inspires fitness, something of a 12 step approach but also welcomes ideas about changing habits, mindfulness, and addressing the emotional foundation to unhealthy and self destructive lifestyle.

This group would provide support, non-judgement, anonymity, compassion, and inspiration.

Also, if you can suggest a venue, such as a church or meeting place open to use in the evening, maybe one day a week.

(Pictures are from the internet. The guy is not me. I’m overweight but much better looking.)

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5 thoughts on “Reaching out for support

  1. This may not be welcome news from me about weight loss, well at least MY weight loss. I have allowed myself to experience real hunger. Not starvation, just noticeable physical signals of my body’s need for food. Basically, I try not to eat unless i am actually physically hungry.

    Some years back, I came to the realization that I seldom experienced real hunger. I wasn’t eating to live, I was living to eat. Now I much prefer a gentle edge of hunger to the dull weight of an overly full stomach. I try to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m not anymore. I emphasize the word TRY. Few days are perfect. I have lost a total of 42 pounds, but that has taken roughly eight years.

    I know that if I go to bed with that aforementioned gentle edge of hunger, I will lose a fraction of a pound by morning. Progress is inhibited at times because late night snacking can be my greatest hurdle.


    1. You go there buddy. Yes, I’ve heard that waiting til you are hungry is in the top 10. I’m postponing breakfast til hungry. Later, due to social constraints, I often eat at designated times. I really like the idea of waiting til I”m “hungry” but not “hangry. “


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