Fed up.

Feeling pretty done with politics and the feds in general for now. White male privilege, misogyny, manipulating the timing of SCOTUS confirmations, , by either delaying one confirmation, and accelerating another, the hypocrisy of the religious right, the values voters, the swamp of “highly qualified” people, and a narcissistic, pathological lying president, too far gone mentally or psychologically to think or care about anyone other than himself.

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This is the world we created when we fund education as little more than daycare, taxation that makes the rich richer, healthcare for those that can afford it, victim shaming, rule by intimidation, and all the while, much of the government hiding the fact that they have supported the spiraling down of what could have been great.

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It is no wonder that many of us operate with a fear based, us versus them mentality when we have more resources at our disposal than ever, if not for the hoarding by the rich.

Sooner or later, the legislators will have to answer about the lies, greed, backroom deals, unfettered corporate donations, and ties to hostile governments.

Yes, I will vote, and do what I can to get others to vote for integrity, for love, compassion, transparency, with the next seven generations in mind. The clown show and the whole circus is temporary, one way or the other. I’d like to be around long enough to see and help make it happen.

And if you need a little picker upper like I do, what this.

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Don’t Keep ’em Guessing


richard and dad on the beach

I was talking the other day to my nephew. His father passed away a few years ago. He’s familiar with lots of stories told by not only his father when he was alive but also by his father siblings. He  express he wished he knew more deeply about his life. I certainly wish I knew the inner thoughts of my ancestors too. 

My mom wrote beautiful hand written letters, and we cherish those.  Which brings me to the point of leaving a legacy for your children. And anyone else who’s interested. Maybe that’s why people write memoirs.skinnymarieonchairdad in the officer

Pictures are great  but pictures bring back memories as we remember them  but we don’t know what’s in the mind of others who are either in the picture or took the picture.

Years ago and in fact  more than 20 years ago I decided to start writing letters to my daughter Hannah.  She hasn’t seen too many of them yet. And truth be told, one of the  reasons behind this blog is so that she and possibly my grandchildren Sean and Aine may peruse them and  try to better understand their wacky grandfather.


It’s even easier than ever  to leave your thoughts behind for your loved ones.  I use Google Docs . There’s a tool where you one can  dictate and it transcribes your voice into text. Then it is just simply a matter of a little final editing and snap you, are done. Not knowing how to type very well is no longer an excuse.


Wouldn’t I like to know what they are laughing about.

So I don’t have anything philosophical or inspirational to  tell Hannah or others about my life today.The title of this post was going to be a day in the life.  Something a little more simple. And I asked you what is a typical day for you?

Danielle and I just celebrated our one year anniversary of living in Morristown Tennessee in the foothills of the Appalachians Mountains, an hour away from Dollywood, an hour away from Knoxville and an hour away from Johnson City. There’s a lot more entertainment to be found if we’re willing to drive a little bit. There’s some entertainment here in Morristown as well and some efforts in the community that impressed me related to the arts.

I’m now semi-retired. after moving here I didn’t work for about a year.  I started to get a little bored. I now work approximately 20 hours a week effectively for the school system coordinating internships and a soft skills curriculum. I won’t bore you with the details but I find it pretty interesting.

A typical day we have chores for sure. Does anyone really just relax every weekend? On a 5-acre mini farm there’s always something to do. And our mutual interest in gardening means we will be building more raised beds filling them with dirt creating compost probably building a worm bin for worm castings. Fruit trees and bushes are going in or will soon. There isis remodeling to do inside, painting, wallpaper to strip and I’ve taken on a new hobby: cooking. The woodshop isn’t yet complete but I’m looking for a couple more tools and then need to do some serious organizing.

Today Danielle went to work early. Normally I help her clean up the horse poop out of the paddock and haul it to the compost bins. Today it was on me however which is not a big deal. I fed the horses and let them out to the pasture put on their fly masks. Picked up dog poop. With seven animals, poop seems to always be on one’s list. Two cats, three dogs and two horses.

I will go to work work on some videos and a few other things before running errands to the drug store,  maybe a haircut and pick up some dog food. And don’t forget the hardware store.

I am so grateful that my interests and hobbies inclue working with my hands, fixing things and making things. Practically speaking, that means I can replace most storm doors,  most plumbing and keep keep the lawn mower running. I can manhandle a weed eater and a chainsaw with the best of them. It is not glamorous but it is satisfying to figure out a project and make something look different than it did just a few hours earlier.

Next project on my list is to replace the radio in my car. My 2003 Toyota Matrix only has a hundred fifty thousand miles on it so I’m expecting it to last another 3 or 4 years. I did pay  a professional to tint the windows which makes a huge difference in the summer sun. there are some things I want done right and know my limitations. But I’ll take care of the stereo myself.

If you have children or grandchildren consider keeping a journal or maybe writing letters that you hope they will find after you’re gone. I’ve read that one of the primary sources of happiness in one’s life is purpose and to make a difference. Leaving a few thoughts behind sharing what made you do the things you did could be an everlasting influence on your loved ones.