My hardware stores made an ass out of me.

Buyer beware. Who has the best price on 2″ swivel caster wheels.  I don’t even know why I bother but when you are semi-retired, you can afford the time to obsess over these minute details.

Never ASSumeYou know what happens when you assume.  You make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”.  I assumed incorrectly that Harbor Freight had the cheapest anything.  In my hot pursuit for some 2 inch swivel caster wheels to make carts for my shop, I went their first.  I was so wrong.  In fact their casters were more expensive, and even the cheaper lighter duty ones were more expensive.  Lots of cheap foreign made tools though of questionable quality.  To their credit, they said they price match.  Usually too much trouble for consumers to check prices and they know that.  They assume you will assume since you walked in the store already.

caster swivel 2 inch harbor freight

So I head over to the nearby TSC, the Tractor Supply store, you know, for life out there.  Ouch…their casters were the most expensive.

caster 2 inch swivel from tractor supply

Then, off to Lowe’s.  I prefer Lowes over Home Depot, as they have not bee in the news so much lately for misguided statements fy founding fathers.  Now we are getting somewhere.  Second least expensive.  At lest Lowe’s offers a 5% discount if you use their credit card.

caster swivel inch lowes

Finally, Home Depot, least favorite, but unfortunately, they had the best price with the best quality. they are a few miles closer to home and it seems, or at least I assume, their prices are competitive with Lowes, and may even price match when they don’t.  If you have read this far, I worry about you.  And assume you are as weird as I am.

caster home depot 2in swivel

First of two carts.  Two down and more to go.

cart with casters.jpg

assume donkeys