Taking Stock of the Blahs

Sometimes I get in a place where I’m just blah.  And I don’t know why exactly.  Maybe I make up the story that life is boring and only going to get worse. However,  I’m getting better at fixing it. I tell myself this. Borrowing from Rational Emotive Therapy, I say “Everything is exactly the way it should be.”  That’s not to say, it should stay this way, but things are the way they are for a reason, even when lonely, as David Wilcox will tell you. I’m not talking about some philosophical reason  but more related to cause and effect.  I am here, in this situation, because I made it happen.  My thoughts, my beliefs, then my actions, reactions, habits and choices have me right where I am.


 It is up to me to to tweak, adjust, change or get rid of unwanted effects.

So how do I develop the awareness of what needs tweaking?.  I’m experimenting with Martin Seligman’s formula for living a wholehearted live.  So I’ll use his five categories, and willing to bet that whatever negative feelings are housed in a story or behavior in one of those five categories.  https://positivepsychologyprogram.com/perma-model/

Positive Emotions.  I ask myself…am I having enjoying and fun, laughter in my life, and enough of it.  If not, then what can I change to make it happen.

Engagement:  What do I get lost in?  What is so engaging that hours fly by?

Relationships:  Am I getting along with the significant others in my life?  

Meaning and Purpose:  Do I feel like my life, or even daily activities have real purpose that are making a difference in the world?

Achievement:  What am I working on where I see achievement?


I hope you give this some thought.  I’m open to feedback.